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"This is a current list of tags 4chan is targeting.

Fat Acceptance
Womyn of color
Rape culture
Unleash the dragon
Need feminism
Shut down 4chan
katawa shoujo
attack on titan
doctor who
The tags
feel good
social justice
white supremacy

4chan is targeting tags and posting incredibly violent and triggering material within them. DO NOT ACCESS THE ABOVE TAGS.

I noticed that a lot of the PSA’s were images without transcripts, and there are several posts with different tags to look out for.

This is a compilation of those tags, in a text format for anyone who has issues with reading images.

Please spread around in the interests of accessibility, especially since the ableism tags are being targeted as well.

Thank you, and stay safe.

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Isn’t this just great? Men feel threatened by a stirring within feminism and this is how they respond. They’re proving over and over the need for fucking feminism. 

New Georgia Dress!


canadian lolita fashion torontos gloomth

Summer is perfect for iced tea with lots of sugar and lemon, long lazy days with the cicadas humming in the rose bushes, heat shimmering on the pavement. The Southern Belle fanning herself quietly at the edge of the ballroom with daintily gloves hands.

gloomth southern belle lolita fashion toronto

Our “Georgia” dress is a little blown kiss to summer (from gloved fingertips). Loaded with old fashioned detail this delectable dress is…

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Fairy-kei Facebook Group Sales

This here is a facebook group dedicated to Fairy-kei (and some sweet lolita) sales! Woo! Check them out =) 

Fairy Kei items for sale!



I am selling these items as a single lot. I’m asking for $20 + $10 in shipping to Canada and the US only (otherwise you’d be paying more for the shipping than the items!). 

Included are: 
- Sugarbunnies Watch
- Spiked bracelet (new, with tag) 
- 3 rings 
- One pair of pastel rainbow cake earrings 
- One pair of blue star earrings 
- 6 small buttons (including 2 Miffy buttons)
- 3 large buttons 

Feel free to message me! <3

I want all men to realize… 


I owe you nothing. 

"Why is it not helpful to say “not all men are like that”? For lots of reasons. For one, women know this. They already know not every man is a rapist, or a murderer, or violent. They don’t need you to tell them.

Second, it’s defensive. When people are defensive, they aren’t listening to the other person; they’re busy thinking of ways to defend themselves. 

Third, the people saying it aren’t furthering the conversation, they’re sidetracking it. The discussion isn’t about the men who aren’t a problem. Instead of being defensive and distracting from the topic at hand, try staying quiet for a while and actually listening to what the thousands upon thousands of women discussing this are saying.”


A honest look at fashion and consumption

Today, after 2 days of work, I managed to purge 40 items from wardrobe, including dress, boots, shoes, scarves, purses, among other things. My goal was to reduce my burgeoning wardrobe that was spilling out from the bins under my bed, my drawers, and my closet. My clothes were piling themselves on my chair and my floor, and sometimes even sneaking into other closets to reside there. 40 items might seem like a lot (or a little) depending on your perspective, and I’m honestly not sure how much of a percent of my wardrobe that pile of items represents. Regardless of the size of the pile, my motivation was clear. I have TOO MUCH STUFF and my wardrobe is a HUGE part of that problem. I will be moving away from home soon, and after that move, I will likely spend the next 10 or so years of my life moving from apartment to apartment, city to city, and maybe even out of the country and back. My point being, that having a massive wardrobe becomes a massive problem and massive stresser if you have to move it around, AND, it could become a source of greater anxiety if I have to someday share that space with someone else. 

So, out it goes. Well some of it. Not nearly enough of it, and I still feel I have way more than I need and in my mind, that is a problem. Here’s the other problem: I love fashion. And clothes. Well, more like, I find artistic expression and creativity in clothes, and I’m a solid lover of pretty clothes. I’m not much of a trend-hound, but I know what I love, and when I see pastels, flowers, and lace, I fall in love. I’ve even been guilty of buying clothes as art pieces, with limited intention to wear them, and being quite happy just to look at them and relish in the fact that I own them. Also, I would like to mention the push of certain fashion sub-groups, such as Fairy Kei and Gothic Lolita, which ardently push consumption as the key factor in belonging to these groups. These group orient around buying certain clothes and brands and assembling outfits with them. Belonging to these groups definitely encourages consumption, and the excitement that comes with sharing your purchases online and watching others share your photos and comment on your items. It’s like a tiny high, but it starts getting dangerous when your buying decisions are influenced by your thoughts about posting this great find online when you get home. This mindset, that you have to consume to belong to a group, is not one that I’d like to partake in any more. While that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still currently in love with Mori-kei, I will be trying to to spend less time online scrolling through their blogs and developing cases of the gimmes. I’ll still look to get ideas, but right now, I’d like to work with my current wardrobe, and worry less about buying items to try and fit into an online community. 

Which brings me to my next point. Clothes do not define you. Nope, that’s right, they don’t. And that’s something I don’t want to hear after telling myself (and being told) that my clothes are MY form of expression and MY way of telling the world who I am, and NO ONE has the right to tell to dress differently. Except, now I’m being to have a bit of trouble with that line of thinking. Does who I am really revolve around the scraps of cloth I decide to put on my body? Are my clothes really my “armour” or is it actually my mindset and confidence in my own abilities? I feel it’s time to arm myself in a different. Maybe I’ll read more and arm myself with knowledge. Maybe I’ll try to do more, and arm myself with experience. And maybe I’ll try to finally realize, that appearances really are superficial, and no one really needs the insane amount of clothing I have. So 40 items out, really isn’t all that much, but it’s a start down a path I’d like to continue down, one where you love your clothes and are happy to wear them, but your clothes don’t dictate your life, your purchases and your economic state. That’s something I can get behind. 

Now, I didn’t come up with this entirely on my own. I did some reading and stumbled across project 333, which focuses on creating a highly effective capsule wardrobe and pertains to ideas about minimalism and letting go. I’ve included a few link that I found particularly helpful. Cheers! 




mycatsneezeslikealot: if men and women should have equal rights then why are you against men wanting rights? feminism isn't about women being better then men is it?...


im against men complaining about wanting ‘mens rights’ because it’s never about wanting anything other than to silence and talk over women.

if men’s rights activists worked to open crisis centers for male victims of abuse and survivors of sexual violence i would love that. if men’s rights activists worked toward support and parenting classes and education for single fathers that would be amazing. if men’s rights activists worked toward educating fellow men on practicing safe sex and consent i would be so on board. if men’s rights activists worked toward breaking down the chains of racism of their brothers of colour i would be so happy. if men’s rights activists advocated for anything of value i would be so down for it all.

instead men’s rights activists sit on the fucking internet talking over women and attempting to silence them and their oppression with arbitrary add-ons, bullshit about the friendzone, and useless fucking nonsense.

so no. i have zero use for men’s rights activists because it’s never about advocating for things men need and instead it’s always about making sure women shut up about what they need. they aren’t “men’s rights activists” they’re “anti women activists”. point blank.

finally feminism is not about women being better than men nor is it about being equal to men. feminism is about women being liberated from men. i have no desire to be considered “equal” to the system of power that allows men to abuse, murder, and rape us. i want liberation from patriarchy and men.

This as well. Listen to this.