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Cute story time!

It’s a shitty day so let’s have a cute story. 
Last week I was riding the bus and the bus driver (a lady) stopped at a stop where a man was waiting and exclaimed “what are you doing here?!” in an obvious happy voice. He was holding a cup of coffee and he got on and gave it to her. He was clearly either a good friend, husband, or boyfriend. But how cute is that, waiting at the bus stop to surprise your lady friend a cup of coffee, and knowing the route so well that you knew for sure she’d be there. Adorable <3 

Don’t be afraid

I recently bought a skirt from target that looks like this: 

I spent about $5 on said purchase. Now, I love Hello Kitty, and I mean I L_O_V_E Hello Kitty, I collect Hello Kitty items at every possible chance as long as it’s in my budget and adds to my collection in a nice way. I have pens, pajamas, backpacks, stickers, notepads, Christmas ornaments, earmuffs, and TONS of clothes, including some of my favourite items in my entire closet. However, this skirt, just wasn’t work for me. For one, it’s long, past my knee, and something about it always seemed more childish than cute.Childish in a shapeless sorta way. But I love the pink tulle and I liked the print underneath, but this skirt kept sitting in my closet, unworn, and I started feeling like I’d wasted money. 
Until tonight, when I busted out some sew scissors and cut out the under layer. The sheer pink tulle skirt I can wear in a thousand different ways, and if the material permits, I might be able to make the under layer into a cute shorter skirt (we’ll see, I’ll ask my mom). 
So don’t be afraid to take  the scissors to something if you’re not happy with it. You might mess it up (I have in the past) but you might also be really happy with the results. =)